In the mountainous landscapes of Savoie lies a story as surprising as it is delightful. Imagine a bookseller, a sports equipment seller, and a former professional cyclist sharing an unsuspected passion: wine. Welcome to this region where vineyards weave unexpected connections between worlds as diverse as they are fascinating.

In the Glass or in the Fondue?

Once known for its light and tangy wines, Savoie is now reinventing itself on the forefront of the scene. While traversing these lands, I discovered a past marked by wines meant for the ski slopes, accompanying Savoyard dishes. However, the region never won the hearts of connoisseurs, mainly due to a production largely handled by cooperatives, which prioritized quantity over quality.

Le Bugey – Versant Montagnieu
Chaï Maison Bonnard – Crept

Savoie 2.0

Fortunately, a new generation of winemakers, driven by boundless passion, is transforming this heritage. Young and creative, they have breathed new life into this land, drawn by its rich terroirs and untapped potential. Thanks to them, Savoie’s wines now captivate palates far beyond their borders, embodying a new era of refinement and authenticity.

Back to the Future

At the heart of this renaissance, the Pétavins stand as true pioneers. United within an association, these committed winemakers advocate for environmentally respectful viticulture, offering wines with a strong identity and unique character. Their success is that of an alliance between tradition and modernity, between passion and innovation.

And what about these rediscovered grape varieties, like buried treasures? Verdesse, Persan, Douce Noire—evocative names that bring to life wines of rare intensity, reflecting the deep soul of the region. Today, Savoie enchants with its balanced, crystalline wines, carrying a rich history and vibrant identity.

This wine adventure is that of a community united by passion, where each winemaker, with their ideas and talents, helps to write a new chapter in the history of wine. For that is the true secret of this region: in the union of its strengths and know-how, it finds the key to its success.


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