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Wine explorer suggestions for wine adventures, consulting and creation of your wine cellar or wine list… no matter if you are enthusiast, amateur or pro – at Osterino, it’s all about wine!

World premiere

Discover Europe’s wine regions – by bike! Together with me, get to know the winemakers, learn about their traditions, and experience unforgettable moments!

The wine circle

Bottles of wine selected following a meticulous process, visits to wine-growing regions, meetings with winemakers, tastings, with the aim of sharing unique wines with you. From the classic wine to the natural wine, including great and small wines, take advantage of the Osterino selection.

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Whether you’re a professional, a connoisseur or just curious, join the circle to discover exclusive bottles, take part in VIP events and much more!

Dylan Osterino

Wine explorer

At 19 years old I had the opportunity to discover the art of wine at the side of an unparalleled sommelier. 

What has been driving me ever since is to learn more about winegrowing, the processes behind the production of the wine and its tasting, which thanks to my ongoing travels and professional experience I am able to pursue. Through exchanges with winemakers in different countries I was able to learn about their passion, which also became mine. 
Here at Osterino it is my goal to convey this passion and these emotions to you. 

For me, travelling is the best opportunity to learn. 

Vinum Itineris

A world premiere

Due to my passion for sport, traveling and wine as well as the urge to share my experiences with others, the idea for this project Vinum Itineris was born naturally: a bike trip through Europe’s wine regions. 

During the trip you will be able to learn about the winemakers’ life journeys, taste their products, and discover true wine gems to bring home from your journey. 

At my side you will learn more about the history and the traditions behind the regions’ big names through videos and articles. 


Upcoming events

Immerse yourself into the world of wine, participate at tastings, dinners and regularly organized trips through Switzerland and other regions!

No upcoming events.

The Exclusive

The wine circle

The Circle brings together wine enthusiasts and the curious who want to learn more.

Join the wine circle and exclusively experience my newest wine discoveries, taste the best wines and exchange with other enthusiasts and pros. 

The wine circle also offers you access to the full Osterino experience: useful tips, support in the creation of your wine cellar, the training of your partners or help with every other project around wine!


The hidden gems blog

Behind the bottle of wine on your table hides an unexpected amount of work and history. Learn about the traditions and secrets of the wine regions and experience the know-how, the techniques, and the anecdotes of the winemakers. Since sharing is the essence of wine, I share with you everything you need to know on my blog. 

  • Vinum Itineris – Stage I Savoie
    In the mountainous landscapes of Savoie lies a story as surprising as it is delightful. Imagine a bookseller, a sports equipment seller, and a former professional cyclist sharing an unsuspected passion: wine. Welcome to this region where vineyards weave unexpected connections between worlds as diverse as they are fascinating.
  • The Soil – A Misunderstood World
    Among the three fundamental elements of life – water, air, and soil – the latter often remains the least explored. Yet, it constitutes an essential ecosystem where life flourishes remarkably.
  • Bio – Biodynamics – Natural
    Vast and diverse. Two terms that perfectly apply to the world of wine. From cultivation methods to winemaking techniques and grape varieties, wine presents a multitude of facets. Today, we will explore the different philosophies that drive this domain.

The wine is a professor of taste, he’s a liberator of the soul and conveyor of intelligence.

Paul Claudel


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