Vinum Itineris

Vinum Itineris, an entire project

In April 2024 I will hop on my bike for a ride through Europe’s wine regions – a world premiere!
While the preparations are running at full speed, I am grateful for every support given. 

A dream 

come true

Driven by my passion for travelling, sports and wine I challenged myself to discover Europe’s wine regions by bike. 

In full immersion I will follow winemakers during their daily life to get to know more about their history, their vines and their products without forgetting the most important part of our trip – the wine tasting

Follow me on my journey through my blog or social media, where I will share with you my experiences and my most beautiful encounters! In order to share with you my best wine discoveries during the trip, you will have the opportunity to order these bottles off my website to taste at home. 

Let’s live this adventure together!

The itinerary

Year 1

The final goal is to visit 23 countries with a total of 153 wine regions in six years. 

Each year, I will be on the road for six months and then back in Switzerland for the other six months, to share all my discoveries with you. 

On April 1st, 2024, I will leave Crans-Montana towards Haute-Savoie, to then follow the Rhône down the south French and Spanish coasts.  


Vinum Itineris

Learn all about the regions I’ve visited in detail, read interviews with the winemakers, share my discoveries and much more. Through articles, videos and podcasts you will live the adventure just like you have been there with me! 


during the trip 

In order to fully understand a region, you need to dive into it. Join me on the adventure Vinum Itineris: walk through vines, get in touch with winemakers and try their products!

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I prefer a bike to a horse, the brakes are easier to check. 

Lambert Jeffries

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